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Leaked info about Samsung Z Fold 3 phone

Samsung Z Fold 3 phone

A reliable leaker of Samsung information has claimed that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 2 and 3 will launch in July by launching the next foldable device in the middle of Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. The leak also suggests that Samsung will unveil its AMD GPU in June, which would be in time to launch it along with the foldable phone. According to a report from Korean news channel ET News, Samsung has managed to implement the pen function on foldable smartphones despite major technical difficulties and the foldable smartphone of Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3.

Leaked marketing materials from Twitter user TheGalox dated May 3 showed a design that was similar to the Z Fold 2 and further leaks suggested that the Fold 3 would be the first Samsung phone with a camera on display. Several other reports suggest the same, with Samsung gearing up for the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 2 (called Z Flip 3) at a special unpacked event in July. The rumor is that the Z fold 3 will be released on August 11, while the Z flip 2 is scheduled for August.

A separate leak that shows still images from a Samsung promotional video for Galaxy Z Fold 3 appears to confirm that the under-display camera is on the move. A recent rendering of the Fold 3 also seems to indicate that the phone will not have a sub-frame camera, but will have the same pinhole camera as the Z Fold 2 Sport. While we have seen significant design improvements with Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3, ELC claims that it will be the first Samsung phone to receive a lower camera screen.

A recently leaked data leak claimed that the phone would be equipped with a three-lens rear camera consisting of 3x telephoto lenses, wide angle lenses and ultra wide angle lenses. The leak also predicted that the phone’s rear camera would be the same as the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which featured a trio of 12MP cameras with a 2x zoom telephoto lens. The new leak suggests that the phone in this case has a hole for the camera under the exterior display.

Samsung Z Fold 3 phone photo leak

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 camera predictions

Two of the three 12-megapixel cameras on the back are identical to those of the Galaxy S21, which has two. However, there will also be two selfie cameras, including a 10MP pinhole camera on the outside of the display and a 16MP display camera inside the foldable display. While Xiaomi and other Chinese suppliers showed this technology in action last year, Samsung has not yet unveiled its own technology for display cameras, but it is widely believed to be heading for notebooks.

We have now seen clear leaks of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 images from two different sources. The most surprising indiscretion we have heard about the camera setting mentions that Samsung uses a special image sensor under the Samsung display, which comes from its Electronics Systems (LSI) division. Samsung is also reportedly working on an image correction algorithm to improve the camera’s under-screen settings.

Clearer Leaked Images of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 show the phone in black, navy and pink colors with a triple lens camera on the back, a drilled hole for the camera cover and a screen-under-display camera on the front. The alleged ad render, which comes from a Twitter tipster, suggests the phone will open like a book and adopt a similar styling to the Galaxy Z 2. We would take these images with a pinch of salt, but we assume that if the design is correct, these images will be in line with other leaks.

The purported advertising renderings, taken from a Twitter tipter, also indicated S Pen compatibility, a slimmer, triple-front camera design and the inclusion of an all-time display camera. That would make it Samsung’s first ever all-on display camera and the second non-Note smartphone in the line to support the S Pen. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be available as black, silver, green and beige as the Note.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 camera

Samsung Z Fold 3 waterproof IP rating

In a later leak, SamMobile pointed to the phone’s IP rating, which would be the first of Samsung’s foldable devices, which Chun confirmed, adding that he believed it was an IP53 rating that was stronger than the IP68 rating of the flagship S21 Ultra. SamMobile also reported that the phone will have a model number of SM-F926 and will be shipped with 256GB of storage, which was a real shock. Another leak by SamMobile suggests that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be available in black and green with more colors in leaked images showing silver and white.

Other facts about Samsung Z Fold 3 phone

SamMobile claims that the phone will run Android 11, with one of the 3.5 points for a late launch in 2021, and that’s when the updated version of Samsung’s OS will most likely launch. According to recent reports, the device will be launched in August along with the Galaxy S21 FE. Another device rumored to be coming in July is the Galaxy Z Flip 3.
We’ve been rumoring about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 for some time now, and while the phone is still very much in development, it’s likely to be Samsung’s next high-end foldable phone. It won’t appear alongside the Galaxy S21, which was unveiled at Unpacked on January 14, and will be unveiled in March along with the midrange Galaxy A52 5G but that doesn’t mean it won’t come and we’ve had to bide our time for the company’s next big foldable phones. Now that Samsung has announced their 2021 foldable phones, a new leak shows the design of Galaxy Z 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, both rumored to be released this summer.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Samsung’s upcoming foldable flagship, its next tablet-size folding that can fold and shut down to the size of a normal phone. Samsung lowered the price of the Galaxy Z fold-2 to $1,799 in April, which is not remarkable for a Samsung phone since it never went on sale. Foldable screens present logistical challenges for case manufacturers, and although a number of companies have advanced their solutions for the first two generations, there is no reason why Samsung could not produce its own devices.