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Facts about new iPhone 12 charging cable

iPhone 12 specifications and features have been floating all over the internet, but the one thing which has picked a lot of attention of the iPhone users has nothing to do with the features. Instead, people are excited that there will be no plastic cables with the iPhone 12. Apple is switching from plastic cables to the braided ones. Moreover, iPhone 12 will be exported with a braided Lightning to USB–C Cable. Clearly, Apple is being concerned about the fact that the plastic cables were not durable and would not last longer either. 

The facts about the new iPhone 12 charging cable are being highlighted below.

Plastic free!

Good news for iPhone users. They will be no longer using the plastic cables anymore, because the plastic ones are now being replaced by the braided ones in iPhone 12. Braided cable comes with great advantages, they are more powerful, as they oppose pulling and bending movements. 

Durability and reliability

The most concerning thing about previous iPhones is their charging cables, which were surely not durable. The users either needed to buy the extra cables or needed to replace the cables. But, after hearing that Apple is switching its plastic cables to braided ones, users think it is a great idea and an investment opportunity, because they believe, that the braided ones will surely last a lot longer than the plastic ones because they do not get frayed easily. 

No wall charger

The most hyped thing about the iPhone 12 charging cable is, it comes with no wall charger. All the previous iPhones have the cable which meets the connector. Well, iPhone 12 charging cables will not have it, which is a great thing, no?

Being superior

A good quality braided cable is all an iPhone user needs. It not only prevents from fraying every other day, but will also stand out in all sorts of problems which can easily ruin the cables or make them stop from working. Whether they caught in the zip of your bag or got twisted, it won’t make them stop working and will still charge your phones. 


Quality cables are often cheaper than the ones which comes within the iPhone box. You do not have to spend a lot for a cable, which will not last a lot longer. Invest in those things which are worth every penny, and braided cables are one of those, be it in durability or quality. 

Are braided cables better than the plastic ones? The answer is, YES! They have stood out in every function a cable should have. Whether it’s their quality or durability, braided cables are far better than the plastic cables. Surely, it is the best investment Apple has made in new iPhone 12. People were hoping for this change, because it will not only provide advantages to the company but also it is a safer option for all the users who are dealing with the broken cables on a daily basis. Also, it is great for the budget, as people do not have to spent a lot just for a cable.