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The standard OnePlus 9 is not as glamourous as feature phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it is an excellent value and all-around great phone to consider at an affordable starting price of $729 (PS629) if you are not looking for the best of the best. Measuring 6.3 by 2.9 by 0.34 inches (HWD) and 6.77 ounces (Gyro), the flagship OnePlus 9 Pro priced at $999.99 and features a better camera and a revolutionary display, is not quite as narrow or light as the 9 Pro. It’s also heavier and bigger than the S21, the iPhone 12 and of course the tiny iPhone 12 mini.

oneplus 9 phone review

The OnePlus 9 Pro is the premium choice, but Android lovers shouldn’t overlook the OnePlus 9. Although it doesn’t have some of the features of the Pro, it’s still a great phone at a lower price that matches other Android flagships. In addition to its two new phones, OnePlus also unveiled the OnePlus Watch, which was pre-ordered on April 14.

If you’re on the hunt for a flagship Android phone at a cheap price, the OnePlus 9 is worth considering. It packs some of the best Android specs in its price range, and it’s a good phone at high value. The OnePlus 9 lacks some of the high-end features the OnePlus 8 Pro has such as a custom display, a telephoto lens and fast charging, but it still offers a low price that competes with the best Android phones.

For an efficient, no-nonsense Android phone the OnePlus 9 takes many of the things we like about the OnePlus 8T and puts them on a modern Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 platform (starting at $729.99).

The PS629 handset looks identical to its more expensive brother, the PS829 OnePlus 9 Pro. The OnePlus 9 offers the same top performance, smooth experience and long battery life and is a solid good phone with a few corners cut to cut into the PS200 price. It has the top chip in Android devices with the latest Snapdragon 888 processor, at least 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage.


ONEPLUS 9 mobile phoneThe OnePlus 9 surpasses the 9 Pro in speed and smoother experience in speed and makes it one of the best mobile phones available. In fact, you can expect performance of this magnitude with the ROG Phone 5 making it an affordable option for gamers. The regular OnePlus 9 is eclipsed by the value of the OnePlus 8T deal with the Galaxy S21 series, but OnePlus 9 Pro has a few attractive features that you can own.

The OnePlus 9 Pro features the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, and while the 8GB, 128GB, 12GB and 256GB RAM and storage options are the same as its predecessors, they are all on level with other flagship phones in its price range, such as the Samsung S21. Combined with wired charging of 65W and wireless charging of 50W, this means you will never be more than a few minutes away from a meaningful charge. Apart from average battery life there is little to complain about with the OnePlus 9 Pros, excellent display, smooth performance and solid software, and for the first time in my experience with an OnePlus Premium series, the setup of the rear camera is rated as flagship quality, although not quite on the level of the Ultras in the Galaxy S21 series.

The OnePlus 9 offers for its price great performance and great battery life, and when it’s upgraded with its camera offer, it’s a serious value package. The OnePlus 9 inherits much from its predecessor, and although some of its biggest weaknesses have been fixed, there is still a lot to be said for being the best phone in its price range. I’d say the OnePlus 9 Pro is also a good phone, but OnePlus has it over-deliver in almost every category except for its camera, and its price should give you pause for thought.

The standard OnePlus 9 doesn’t share the designation Pro, but it’s what it packs that’s most exciting, and it comes at a lower price on top of that. With its lightning-fast performance, great battery and great spec, the OnePlus 9 makes a solid everyday phone.

The OnePlus 9 Pro costs $1,069 if you opt for the 12GB or 256GB model. At the time of writing, the only one from OnePlus and Amazon seems to be available. It’s still highly recommended, but it’s worth looking out for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to see if the phone can be found for less than that as it remains our top Android phone choice.

OnePlus struck a deal with the Swedish company to improve the cameras on its phones and the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are the first models to benefit from that. In an initial attempt to focus on natural color calibration, OnePlus promises more natural, rich colors in photos taken with its phones.

If there’s one area where OnePlus phones have historically underperformed the best of the best in Android and Apple, it’s the camera. That’s not to say that OnePlus cameras are bad, but it’s to imply that they won’t get better with every generation.

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