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IOS9 update problems and solutions

By 2015 September 22November 14th, 2022Apple IOS9 software

1. Freezing during software update. iPhone gets stuck on verifying update

Whilst updating you iPhone to a latest IOS9 you might experience verifying update screen freeze. How to fix this issue?
Hard reset your phone by pressing and holding power and home button for about 10 seconds. Hold both buttons until iPhone shuts off and begins to restart, let go when Apple logo appears.



2. Wi-Fi signal problems

You might come across wifi connectivity problems after IOS9 software update. How to fix it?
Go to your settings, then general, click on Network reset. This should solve the issue and you will not loose any data. The only thing you will need to do is enter your WI-FI password again. If this doesn’t help also try to put an airplane mode on and switch it off again.


3. Mobile internet data doesn’t work (3G / 4G)

This is extremely common issue after software update. To solve the problem try to shut it down completely and reboot your iPhone or iPad. If this doesn’t help also try to switch off mobile data and switch it back on. You can do that by going into Settings/Mobile/Mobile data.



4. Software update failure message 

If you come across this error message, we recommend waiting few days and try upgrading later. At the moment Apple servers are extremely busy and this error message appears when there are too many active upgrade attempts.



5. Insufficient space for download error message

New IOS9 is 1.3 GB in size and requires at least 1.5 GB of free space to be installed. If you come across this error message it means that you need to clear out some storage space. Ideally back up all your pictures, videos, unused apps, old messages and try installing again.



6. Battery life problem after installing new IOS9

Latest IOS9 requires more battery life to run it, therefor you might come across shorter battery life problem. Try these steps to improve your battery performance:

Step 1 –  go to settings/general/usage/battery usage and see what is draining battery the most. Then you can delete that particular app if you feel that you do not need it that much.
Step 2 – keep your phone in Airplane mode during the night or when there is no signal and you do not use it. This will improve your battery life.
Step 3 – try to reset your phone settings by going to Settings/General/Reset/Reset all settings. This might help to fix battery drainage bug on new IOS9.

If none of this helps you might need a battery replacement. We do battery replacement service for iPhone and iPad.



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