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iCloud setup and FMI activation

unlock iCloud

FMI (Find My iPhone) is the protection feature for your Apple iPhone, which you activate as soon as you have purchased your device. When activated, your device will ask you to login to your iCloud account or create one if you don’t have it.  It fairly simple to create new iCloud account, all you need is and email address and a password, later you will need to link your credit or debit card to your account if you wish to download apps from App Store. Most of the apps are free and you will not be charged for using them. Once you have all set up, your iPhone or any other Apple device will activate the device with an automatic service called FMI – “find my iphone” (it helps you locate your device if you lose it).

Find My iPhone Deactivation and iCloud account removal from your Apple device

Here’s how to perform FMI deactivation:

In all cases, the client needs an Apple ID password and email address linked to the account.

Method 1: Go to Settings > iCloud, choose Find My iPhone and deactivate FMI.

Method 2: Sign out of your iCloud account. Settings > iCloud and choose Delete Account.

Method 3: Delete all content and settings. Settings > General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings. The data after the operation on the phone will be erased. Be sure to have a backup stored on your computer if you intend to get the data content back onto your iPhone.

Method 4: Removing a device from iCloud.com – this is a remote deactivation method.

icloud removal

• Go to www.icloud.com/find and enter your Apple ID login details.
• Select the device you want to remove.
• If the device is in offline mode, select Remove from Account. The data after the operation will be erased on the phone.
• If the device is online, select Erase. When Erase is complete, select Remove from Account. The data after the operation on the phone will be erased.

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