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How to get your phone unlocked

Getting phone unlocking is one of the most troubling issues to carry out for someone who doesn’t know much about phones and the types of lock they may have. The most important question is that whether phone can be unlocked on a budget or not. To learn more about phone unlocking process, we will be having a complete set of discussion for you!

Three different phone locks

To get your phone unlocked, you have to first of all find out what type of phone lock you have. Below are three main types of phone locks:

Network locked phones

This is the condition as where your mobile is locked to particular network provider. This means if you purchase a phone on contract with EE, it will be locked to that network and non of the other network sim cards will work in the phone.

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Often people think that if you are still in contract it is not possible to get the phone unlocked and use with different network SIM. It’s not true, you can get your phone unlocked while still in contract, for example if you are planing to travel abroad and use a local SIM, it can be unlocked for that purpose. Of course you will still have to pay your contract, as if you don’t the device can be blocked by network provider, but that is another topic.

Network locked phone is fairly easy to unlock and often offers great benefits such as being able to switch to a cheaper sim-only deal or making your phone go up in value value for reselling porposes.

iCloud locked iPhones

If you have an iPhone and it is locked to a particular iCloud account, only the iCloud account holder can unlock this device.

Not even Apple will help you to unlock this type of lock, as it would be a security breach, and Apple is serious about that! If you have purchased a second hand iPhone with iCloud lock on it, only way to get it removed is to contact previous owner and ask him to unlink this device from his account. This can be done by visiting iCloud.com.

Passcode Locked phones

Another type of phone lock is a passcode or pattern lock. Passcode is based on 4-6 digits most often and pattern lock is a secret pattern that you use to enter the phone. This type of lock can be erased by phone repair shop easily.

If you need any help with any type of phone unlocking, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to help. We offer network unlocking services, including most popular networks, such as Vodafone, EE, O2, Tesco, Gif Gaf, 3 network, Virgin, T-Mobile and more.

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