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Google Pixel 5 price

The smartphone Google Pixel 5 is upon us and has come with more amazing features than the previous one. The company had announced the phone on September 30 during the launch night. After the introduction of Google Pixel 5, many people are already excited and want to buy it. If you do not want to miss the chance of using this amazing phone, you can pre-order it. Pre-orders are now available and you can directly order this smartphone from the Google web store.

The Design And Features Of Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 has 128 GB of storage which can be enough for all your storage needs. The phone will come in two colors that will be Just Black and Sorta Sage.  Wireless charging is available and you do not need to worry about long cords getting between you and your work while you are charging and using the phone at the same time. It is amazing to see how they have designed it in metal and decided not to go with plastic or glass. The aluminum back is designed with recycled aluminum and the water-resistant feature makes it cooler and increases its demand in the market. 

The phone has 6 inches full HD OLED display. It comes with a battery of 4000 mAh which is quite impressive as the battery will not drain quickly and you can easily use it. Many of us just want to update our phones because of the camera. All of us want the pictures to look just like taken from a DSLR. If you want the same to happen with your own captured pictures then you should take advantage of its great camera.  It features a dual-lens camera that can be enough for your wide-angle pictures as well. The rear camera is 12.2MP wide and 16MP ultra-wide while the front camera is 8MP.  The amazing modes will make your pictures look more real. It also has a fantastic feature of video stabilization so you don’t have to worry about videos ruining due to your shaky hands.

The Price Prediction And Release Date 

The price that is expected of Google Pixel 5 is $699, AU$999, and £599. This means that it will be available in the US, Australia, and the UK at these prices. All the retailers in these three markets have already booked the deals and are ready to release it with the company. If you do not want to delay buying the latest Google launched phone then pre-orders are still available till the phone releases in the market. The release date of the Google Pixel 5 is set to be 15 October 2020. Many people are excited and are waiting eagerly for this day to get their hands on this great phone.

Google Pixel 5 is amazing in all aspects. Isn’t it? Now that you know its price prediction and release date, start saving your pocket money or tell your parents what you are expecting as a next present for your birthday.  Get yourself this latest smartphone and enjoy its amazing features.

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