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Apple touch ID sensor soon to be used in MacBooks?

By 2015 November 19November 14th, 2022Touch ID Sensor
[ni-breadcrumbs] Fingerprint scanner feature has been used in iPhones and iPads for a while now. This technology allows easy access to your smartphone or tablet and simplifies use of long password when downloading apps from App Store.

However, so far this technical achievement eluded desktop and portable Apple products such as Macbook and iMac.

“Touch ID” will be installed in new series Apple computers?

Apple touch ID sensor soon to be used in MacBooks

At first glance, such predictions may sound like a myth, but it is based on Apple’s newly registered patent, which was officially approved by US corporations. It would be logical to assume that Apple has plans to integrate fingerprint technology into desktop computers in near future.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 uses similar technology

Additionally, the recently announced Microsoft Surface Pro 4 laptop and tablet hybrid is already offering similar identity recognition technology, like Apple’s Touch ID , so it is very likely that Apple is also preparing, as competitors respond to this move.

On the other hand, Apple is consistently record number of patents, but some of them still remains unused. Whether that will happen with the “Touch ID” fingerprint scanner for portable and desktop computers is still a mystery. Only way to find out is to wait until next Apple product launch event.


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